Hotel Project to Move Forward

23 Mar 2023

The Upton Wyoming Hotel, LLC (“UWH”) has signed a contract with Hunsaker Motel Group, LLC, a contractor out of Hermosa, South Dakota to resume the hotel construction for the hotel to be built in Upton on the Black Hills West site, near Tiger Transfer, west of town.

The UWH initiated a lawsuit in August 2022 against BriMark Builders, the construction company hired by UWH to build a new Cobblestone Hotel in Upton. A confidential settlement was reached by both parties in December 2022, allowing UWH to move forward with constructing the hotel in 2023.

The contracts have been signed with the Hunsaker Motel Group, LLC, a contractor out of Hermosa, and the Upton Hotel Group will be resuming construction of the hotel immediately. Construction will begin by removing snow on the development site and setting concrete forms in the coming weeks as weather permits.

“We have a group of investors involved in the development of the hotel and we are obligated to give them the best deal in building the hotel,” said John Marshall, Manager of UWH.

The Upton Wyoming, Hotel, LLC received bids from two contractors to build the hotel. After receiving both bids, the decision was made to move forward with Hunsaker Motel Group, LLC because it was in the best interest of the investment group, along with the contractor’s expertise in building hotels.

The contractor anticipates a 6–8-month timeline for completion of the hotel. About Upton Wyoming Hotel, LLC: Upton Wyoming Hotel, LLC (“UWH”) is a Wyoming limited liability company that was created March 3, 2021.

Article courtesy of the Weston County Gazette.