Gillette, Wy: Energetically Innovative

The City of Gillette sits midway between the Bighorn Mountains and the Black Hills and is the county seat of Campbell County, Wyoming. 


Beginning with the introduction of the railroad to the area in the early 1890’s, Gillette became a town named after a railroad surveyor. Gillette boomed with the discovery of coal in the 1900’s, and oil and natural gas in the 1940’s. The city is still referred to as the “Energy Capital” of the U.S.


While Gillette is often thought of as a midway point for tourists traveling between Yellowstone National Park and the Black hills, the area has much to offer on its own. 

Gillette is ​​known as the Energy Capital of the Nation and visitors can truly grasp that designation with tours of the active Eagle Butte and Black Thunder Coal Mines. Tours can be booked through the Visitor Center.

One of the largest privately-owned buffalo herds in the country can be viewed with tours at the nearby Durham Buffalo Ranch. CAM-PLEX is the largest multi-event facility in the western U.S., hosting everything from conventions to rodeos on its 1,000 acres of land. Gillette has also seen a recent trend of becoming a regional foodie destination, with more than 70 restaurants and Wyoming’s first meadery.

Two museums highlight the history of the area - the Rockpile Museum, which reflects the regional history of the Powder River Basin, and the Frontier Auto Museum, which houses an amazing collection of classic Americana, from old cars and neon signs, to just about any other treasured Americana memorabilia. It is an antique-enthusiasts dream, as they will buy, sell or trade antiques on site!


Gillette is located in the Powder River Basin, the “Energy Capital” of the U.S. As such, industry in Gillette is dominated by oil, natural gas, coal and uranium production. Recent innovation has built on that institutional knowledge with the formation of the Wyoming Integrated Test Center and the Wyoming Innovation Center in Gillette


  • Wyoming’s Business Ready Community Grant and Loan Program is designed to assist businesses in setting up operations in Wyoming. This grant can be applied for by the local community or a local community development with up to $3.0 million dollars per grant is available for construction, infrastructure and buildings.
  • Manufacturing-Works promotes innovation, manufacturing, and industrial competitiveness to build a stronger and more prosperous Wyoming through enhanced economic securities and an improved quality of life.
  • Residents and businesses enjoy low taxes in Campbell County. Wyoming does not collect a personal income tax, or state income tax on corporate income. The sales tax in Campbell County is only 5%. 
  • Per Tax-Rates, the median property tax in Campbell County is $926 per year for a $197,700 home. Campbell County collects, on average, 0.47% of a property's assessed fair market value as property tax.

For more information, please visit the City of Gillette!