Beulah is located in eastern Crook County with a population of 79. Beulah’s estimated per capita income is $33,784. Beulah’s cost of living index is well below the national average.

Sturgis and Deadwood are two popular tourist destinations located within 33 miles of Beulah. Ranch A is a popular tourist attraction home to Beulah. Located on the banks of Sand Creek, a local fishing spot. the ranch has a historic lodge that is now owned by the state. It’s available for conferences, seminars, and is often used as a learning center by the University of Wyoming. In addition to the lodge there is a second meeting facility, The Pete Smith Cabin. Another local historical attraction is the Vore Buffalo Jump. In the 1970s during I-90 construction, the remains of an ancient buffalo jump was discovered on the south portion of the Vore Ranch. As a result, the highway was moved to the south. The Vores transferred the site to be used for interpretive and educational purposes.