Newcastle, Wy: Western Gateway to the Black Hills!

The City of Newcastle is located at the intersection of Highways 16 and 85 at the eastern edge of Weston County and offers access to all the amenities of the Black Hills in under an hour’s drive. 


Newcastle is another in a long line of Wyoming town’s to get its start from the confluence of the budding railroad and coal industries in the 1880’s. Throughout its history, Newcastle has been known as a place for business enterprise innovation. Ranching, coal mining companies, oil refineries and healthcare facilities dotted the landscapes ever since its foundation.


The City of Newcastle has much to offer within its own area, such as:

  • Fishing at Black Elk Pond, created in 2015, and LAK Lake
  • Hiking at the Serenity Trail and hiking/biking at the Flying V Trails. 
  • Vibrant Main Street, home to current locally-owned businesses and historic buildings, such as the Weston County Courthouse & U.S. Post Office listed on the National Historic Register
  • Experience local history at the Anna Miller Museum.


Newcastle has an active dedication to supporting economic business growth through the Chamber of Commerce


  • Residents and businesses enjoy low taxes in Weston County. Wyoming does not collect a personal income tax, or state income tax on corporate income. The sales tax in Weston County is only 6%. 
  • Per Tax-Rates, the median property tax in Weston County is $579 per year for a $115,200 home. Weston County collects, on average, 0.5% of a property's assessed fair market value as property tax.
  • Newcastle residents and businesses may have access to assistance from the nearby Upton Economic Development Board.

For more information, please visit the City of Newcastle or the Newcastle Chamber of Commerce!