Wyoming beekeepers innovating to face challenges

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

If the only honey you’ve ever spread on your toast or squeezed into your tea has come from a big-box store, you are in for a real treat once you try honey produced by honeybees and gathered by beekeepers right in your own neighborhood.  

It tastes better, may reduce plant allergies and provides a boost to the local economy. 

With booths common at farmers markets, and professional or backyard beekeepers in all corners of Wyoming, local honey isn’t hard to find, but you might have to be quick. Beekeepers report high demand for local honey. In fact, they say the demand is far greater than the supply. 

Especially now. 

Worldwide, the beekeeping and honey industry is in a period of significant change, and Wyoming beekeepers feel it, too.  

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