Ranch A Now Fully Available For Public Use

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Almost a century ago, a tourist asked a local man in Beulah where to find a trout as delicious as the one he’d just been served for dinner. Easy, came the reply – that’ll be out at Sand Creek. The man purchased 2000 acres and built a vacation home on the very spot he’d been pointed towards, little knowing that it would one day become one of this area’s most important historic sites.

Until recently, federal stipulations meant that Ranch A was limited in what it could offer to the public as it could only be used for educational purposes. That changed five years ago and the Ranch A Restoration Foundation is hoping visitors from near and far will come to enjoy the new features around the site.

“The State of Wyoming owns this facility,” says Gayle Ryan, Secretary of the Ranch A Restoration Foundation board. The size of the site has changed over time but currently sits at around 1000 acres.

“It was originally built by a man named Moses Annenberg. He was a Russian immigrant – hence Ranch A – who was a newspaper tycoon and a bookie in Philadelphia,” says Ryan.

“The story is that he and his son were traveling to Yellowstone, they came through Beulah and stopped for supper. They had rainbow trout for supper and he said it was the best trout he ever ate.”

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