Are You a Foodpreneur?

Friday, November 16, 2018

Although the term “foodpreneur” may seem new, it has been around for a while and describes an innovative entrepreneur that has chosen food creation as their passion. Rather than simply producing a consumable product, foodpreneurs think of their food as something that makes people feel satisfied, nurtured and loved. It’s more like a way of life, creating goodness to share with other people. The goal is also building and maintaining long-term relationships that make a business grow sustainably as opposed to only closing sales and chasing rapid growth. 

Years ago, foodpreneurs would look to hire a co-packer to make their product, hire a broker and distributor to get their product on the shelf and hopefully get their payout when they sell their brand to a giant company. As consumer appetite for small scale and locally-produced foods has grown, that equation has changed. Getting on the shelf at a big grocery chain doesn’t necessarily lead to higher sales or bigger payouts than focusing on working with small and independent stores. Foodpreneurs and farmers should weigh all of their options and come up with a game plan that best suits the kind of growth that makes sense for them.

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