Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The room filled quickly as council members, the mayor, chamber liaisons and many Moorcroft citizens arrived for the MTC Focus Group meeting. Facilitator Tracy Jones passed out an agenda as well as rules of conduct among the tables.

Jones noted that people in Moorcroft have a lot of good ideas and some of them are “good intentioned”, but said, “you’ll never get anywhere with appreciable effort unless you [get] together and come to terms with what your goals are”.

In an effort to bring all of the submitted ideas together, guests were asked to write them down and tape them to the wall under one of three categories. Many of the ideas were based on reaching self sustainability so that the building does not continue as a burden on the community; others lead the conversation to the future viability of the building as a place for businesses and community functions; and the third aspect to which the ideas alluded was the future management of the facility.

Ideas were shared by those present and they were asked to stand and explain their thoughts. One such proposal is a library; MHS teacher Andrea Wood spoke to her and others’ wish to see the public library moved to the MTC.

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