Eclipsing the Mark

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

A rare solar event shines a bright light on what’s happening in Wyoming

It’s not every day that a million-plus people choose to visit Wyoming, so when it does happen, the event tends to make headlines.

On August 21, the sun didn’t stand still; it just seemed that way.

More than a million visitors flocked to Wyoming to catch a glimpse of the extremely rare total solar eclipse. The entire phenomenon lasted only a few minutes, but for a state of 585,501 people, that was long enough to make cash registers ring and state leaders rejoice.

“We’re still getting final numbers, but we know that it added up to millions of dollars in economic impact for our state,” Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead says. “We know that the real impact will be much greater in years to come. We attracted people to Wyoming who otherwise would not have come. The experience of the majority was the amazing beauty and the hospitality that we provided. We’ll see many of them come back. They’ll see that we are a wonderful place to live and a great place to do business.”

Capitalizing on that attention will be the goal of Gov. Mead and the Wyoming Business Council. In a recent interview with Site Selection, Mead outlined the business climate improvements he has made and talked about his vision for the state.

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